Auction Holdings Limited (AHL)

is a State-owned entity that provides a platform for tobacco trading in Malawi. Established in 1936 in Limbe-Blantyre as Tobacco Auctions Limited, the company had been running side by side with Producers Auction Limited before they merged in 1962.

AHL runs four main floors for selling of tobacco. These floors are Limbe floors, Lilongwe Floors, Chinkhoma Floors and the Mzuzu floors. AHL also runs rural markets. At all these floors AHL provides facilities and support structures that enable smooth trading of tobacco.

The Agricultural Research and Extension Trust (ARET)

(ARET) is Malawi’s premier institution in tobacco research and technology dissemination.

Established in 1995 after the merger of the Tobacco Research Institute of Malawi (TRIM) and the Estate Extension Service Trust (EEST)ARET develops agricultural technologies on tobacco and disseminates them to farmers and other stakeholders. The Trust also provides formal training to farmers, students, and other agricultural workers.