What is NTRM?

NTRM stands for Non-Tobacco Related Materials. These are foreign objects and materials found in graded and sacked tobacco. Examples of NTRM are plastic, feathers, Eggs, sand, metals etc.

How bad is NTRM?

As a country, NTRM tarnish Malawi’s tobacco reputation.
NTRM can cause cancer especially the plastics.

How is NTRM found in Tobacco

NTRM is introduced into tobacco bales through the following ways:

  1. Deliberate – Growers put NTRM in tobacco in order to make their tobacco weigh more than normal weight. The will intentionally pack bales with rocks, metal, sand and wood, just to mention a few.
  2. Accidentally – This happens because of less care given to tobacco especially when plucking, transfering, curing, grading and pressing. Examples are feathers, Eggs, sand, metals etc.