No Child Labour policy

The Tobacco Commission strictly condemns Child Labour. Child labour has been defined as work that is harmful to the health, safety, education, morals, development of a child or interferes with the schooling of a child. In its worst forms, Child labour constitutes major violations and abuses of human dignity.
Joining the global community in fighting the vice, the government of Malawi through various stakeholders has taken a bold stand by among others setting up interventions, aiming at bringing an end to Child Labour. Among such interventions, the GoM has launched a series of 6-year National Action Plans (2010-2016 [NAP I] and 2019-2025[NAP II])
The Tobacco Industry led by TC is playing an active role in creating awareness about the ills and disadvantages of engaging children in child labour in the tobacco growing communities.
To show its commitment, the Tobacco Commission:
• Does not issue grower licenses to minors.
• Strictly discourages growers from engaging minors in the tobacco production chain.
• Produces annual reports on the situation of child labour in the tobacco industry.
• Conduct child labour surveys in the tobacco industry to monitor trends in the prevalence of child labour.