• Malawi Leaf
  • Alliance One
  • Limbe Leaf
  • Voedsel

JTI Leaf Malawi Ltd

JTI Leaf Malawi Ltd is one of the major players in Malawi’s tobacco industry with an investment of over $435 and supports over 11 000 contract growers. JTI acquisitioned Africa Leaf Tobacco Company Established in 2009.

JTI with Headquarters in Lilongwe has 353 permanent employees and hires 1,000 seasonal employees. The company has tobacco processing facilities at Kanengo in Lilongwe.

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Malawi Leaf

Malawi Leaf is a 100% locally owned commercial company that was created in 2006 as a subsidiary of AHL group. With regional Offices in Lilongwe, Limbe and Mzuzu, its mission is become a leading local supplier of high quality tobacco with superior customer service and utmost environmental care.

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Alliance One

With its headquarters at Kanengo, Alliance One is one of the largest tobacco processing companies in Malawi and is a branch of Alliance One International that was created in 2005 after the merger of two world leaders in the tobacco processing industry; DIMON Incorporated and Standard Commercial Corporation.

The company has tobacco processing facilities located at Kanengo in Lilongwe. Other activities performed by the company include buying, and exporting.

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Limbe Leaf Tobacco Company

Probably one of the largest and oldest tobacco processing companies in Malawi, Limbe Leaf Tobacco Company was established in 1960 and has 58% shares owned by Universal Leaf Tobacco Company (USA) and 42% owned by Press Corporation Limited.

The employs over 6000 people at the peak and supports about 12 000 contract farmers across the country. Limbe leaf has the following major activities; buying, processing and exporting of tobacco with markets in 60 countries across the globe.

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This is a wholly Zimbabwean owned company established in 2008 and commenced its operations in Malawi in 2020. Licensed to purchase FCV direct from farmers, in 2015 the company embarked on engaging growers on contract basis that saw an increase in productivity at national level.

All contracted growers under Voedsel receive various levels of support ranging from finance, fuel, coal, chemicals and extensive agronomy assistance. Without this support, production would not generate the quality and styles that our customer base requires.

The company is involved in tobacco contracting, processing and exporting.

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